Our Products

For all our products, we offer technical advice on their applications. Our Technical team would advise you on the following:

  • Which aggregate types require emulsion with anti-stripping agent

  • Suitable spray and spreading rates of emulsion and aggregates

BS & ASTM Cationic Emulsion ClassPRODUCT OPTION (with anti-stripping agents on request)USAGE
K1-40 Rapid Setting Tack Coating
K1-60 Rapid Setting Concrete curing.
K1-60 Slow Setting Tack Coating, Prime Coatiing
K1-65 Rapid Setting Concrete curing.
K1-65 Slow Setting Pot-hole Patching; Surface Dressing and Sealing; Concrete Curing.
K1-70 Rapid Setting Sealing of Sub grade/Sub base; Surface Dressing
K1-70 Slow Setting Sealing of Sub grade/Sub base; Surface Dressing

Micro Seal

Micro-Seal comprises of a mixture of dense-graded aggregates, modified bitumen emulsion, additives and mineral fillers. Micro-Seal is a Polymer-modified cold mix paving system that can remedy a broad range of problems affecting streets, highways and airfields. Micro-Seal, when applied to an existing pavement, significantly extends its life span. Micro-Seal also increases the skid resistance of an existing pavement. Once applied, the surface can be opened to traffic within two hours.

Our Services

This synchronous chip sealer is available for hiring in Kumasi. There is a special discount on this truck for any bitumen purchase in excess of 10,000 litres.