Our Clients

LOCAF has over the years worked with several clients; some of whom are listed below:

  • Department of Urban RoadsDepartment of urban roads
  • Ghana Highway AuthorityDepartment of urban roads
  • Department Of Feeder RoadsDepartment of urban roads
  • Daewoo CorporationDaewoo Corporation
  • Taysec ConstructionTaysec Construction
  • Sonitra Ghana LimitedSonitra Ghana Limited
  • Aarsleff Ghana Ltd JVAarsleff Ghana Limited
  • MSF Engenharia,S.AMSF Engenharia,S.A
  • Tokura CorporationTokura Corporation
  • Shinsung Eng. Corp. LtdShinsung Eng.
  • Knatto Complex LimitedKnatto Complex Limited
  • Facol LimitedFacol Limited
  • Top International Eng. Ghana LtdTop International Eng. Ghana Ltd
  • China Geological Eng. Corp.China Geological Eng. Corporation
  • Cymain Ghana Ltd
  • Consar LimitedConsar Limited
  • Queiroz Galvao Const. Ltd.Queiroz Galvao Ltd
  • PW Ghana LimitedPW Ghana Ltd
  • Justmoh Const. LimitedJustmoh Const. Limited
  • China Global Dev. Const.China Global Dev. Const.
  • Eastern Corridor Const.
  • Gelcon Const. LimitedGelcon Const. Limited
  • Jungheung Const. Ltd