LOCAF Industries Limited

    Producers of Bitumen Emulsion


    Environmentally friendlier than cutback as it uses water as solvent instead of kerosene.

    All Weather

    All-weather application makes it possible to carry out sealing works even in drizzling rain.

    Hot and Cold

    Emulsion can be applied cold for pothole patching and at moderate temperature of 70oC for sealing works

    Anti-Stripping agent

    By including anti-stripping agents in the production of the emulsion, chippings prone to stripping can be used in Surface Dressing works


    Suitable for all budgets, thereby conserving resources

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to maintain modern and effective manufacturing practices at the factory in order to make emulsion available on demand throughout the year at competitive prices. This we seek to achieve through the provision of customer support and employment of latest technology to supply the construction industry with emulsion products optimally suited to local road construction materials by using special additives and anti-stripping agents.